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Tennis player Mahesh Bhupathi’s and Soundarya Rajinikanth’s Ocher Studios has entered into a joint venture agreement

Tennis player Mahesh Bhupathi’s and Soundarya Rajinikanth’s Ocher Studios has entered into a joint venture agreement to focus on the untapped potential and a relatively new concept to the South Indian cinema – Celebrity Management.

In a press release, Soundarya was quoted as saying, “The South can boast of some of the biggest talents in the Indian Film Industry. Recognizing talent is as important as sustaining it. I am very excited about our association with Mahesh Bhupathi and this Joint Venture.” According to Mahesh Bhupathi, “It is great to be involved with the South that is often considered to be the Mecca of Indian cinema.”

Apart from helping talented artistes in managing endorsements, the venture will also concentrate in New Media rights of South Indian celebrities and the South Indian Film Awards Extravaganza. The awards will be a tribute to the achievements of South Indian film artistes and technicians working on and off the screen...more

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Ice Oceans Secrets

The scientists also documented evidence of cold water-loving species shifting towards both poles to escape rising ocean temperatures. Chionodraco hamatus, an Antarctic ice fish, can withstand temperatures that freeze the blood of all other fish types.

These discoveries result in series of landmark.

Among many other findings,The scientists had found marine life that in Both Arctic And Antarctic poles apparently share in common things include marathoners such as grey whales and birds, but also worms, crustaceans, and angelic snail-like pteropods, the latter discoveries opening a host of future research questions about where they originated and how they wound up at both ends of the Earth.

Ice oceans of the Arctic and Antarctic have revealed a trove of secrets to Census of Marine Life explorers, who were especially surprised to find at least 235 species live in both polar seas despite a distance of more than 13,000-kilometer distance in between.

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Which is the Best e-mail Service provider?

Microsoft still leads the race…

There is a tough Competition between yahoo and Microsoft… but now there is another competitor in the race. it is google

Microsoft is the first largest e-mail service, with 283 million users

Yahoo is the second largest e-mail service, with 274 million users

Gmail is the third-largest e-mail service, with 113 million worldwide users as of September according to comScore.

Google announced Tuesday it is adding video and audio chat to its free e-mail service, joining Microsoft and Yahoo in a race to make communication on the Web a more social experience.

Both Microsoft and Yahoo offer video with their instant messaging services, but have not integrated it into e-mail.

Last month, Yahoo announced it was providing programmers the software instructions they need to write applications that can extend the features of Yahoo mail. Ash Patel, executive vice president of the audience product division, said the goal was to help hundreds of millions of users “communicate better and get more done.”

Microsoft has also been upgrading its communication platform, known as Windows Live

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