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It is Bollywood diva Deepika to work with Rajinikanth in Kochadaiyaan

Deepika Padukone has said that she is very excited to work with Rajinikanth. Deepika Padukone was earlier signed for Rajinikanth’s Rana, but it was put on the back burner following Rajini’s ill heath. Kochadaiyaan has AR Rahman’s music and Rajiv Menon’s cinematography...more on site

Kochadaiyaan also features Sneha, Sarath Kumar, Shobana, Aadhi, Jackie Shroff in the cast. Now it is all clear that the Bollywood diva is all set to romance the superstar in his forthcoming movie Kochadaiyaan.

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Google’s Blogger now with country-code Top Level Domains

Google now redirects individual blogs to country-code Top Level Domains. That is the blogs hosted on Google’s Blogger will be read as instead of Google addressed SEO concerns. While admitting that the change would have some implications on search ranking, the Internet giant Google claimed it was making every effort to minimise any negative consequences of hosting Blogspot content on multiple domains…Read More

Internet giant Google has said that the move is mainly to enable it to selectively block content in a particular country, in accordance with country-specific laws, while allowing it to be available to other users around the world...Read more

Google already reports legal notices it receives for contentious blogs

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India’s Mobile Number Portability Steps and Rules

Hi friends, Now country’s mobile customers gear up to this new-found freedom.The number gets ported to the new provider.

MNP helps in keep your old number, you don’t have to go through the trouble of informing all your friends & family that your number has changed…More

How to switch service providers: mobile number portability?

To switch from one operator to another send the following text PORT mobile number to 1900…Click here and follow the Steps

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LG’s Network Monitors N42 Series Features

LG’s Network MonitorsThese LG Network monitor eliminate the need for all users to have individual computes at their desks. And unlike thin clients, they do not need expensive servers that take up valuable space in the datacenter.This is an ideal solution for small businesses, schools, government offices, libraries and call centers that need to provide computing capabilities but must also consider costs, maintenance and environmental impact.

These LG Network monitor, N42 Series directly connect up to 11 users to the same computer. LG’s Network Monitors offer substantial cost savings compared to traditional PCs and thin clients. The monitors connect to a PCI card plugged into the host PC that creates multiple virtual workspaces in conjunction with NComputing vSpace desktop virtualization software.

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OPERA has entered into Cloud Computing Technology

opera Cloud ComputingWith Opera 10, the introduction of a new technology called Opera Unite, radically extending what you are able to do online. Opera Unite harnesses the power of today’s fast connections and hardware, allowing all of us to help define the future landscape of the Web, one computer at a time.

Opera Unite allows you to easily share your data: photos, music, notes and other files. You can even run chat rooms and host entire Web sites with Opera Unite. It puts the power of a Web server in your browser, giving you greater privacy and flexibility than other online services.
Cloud computing is a style of computing in which dynamically scalable and often virtualized resources are provided as a service over the Internet. Users need not have knowledge of, expertise in, or control over the technology infrastructure in the “cloud” that supports them.

The term cloud is used as a metaphor for the Internet, based on how the Internet is depicted in computer network diagrams and is an abstraction for the complex infrastructure it conceals.

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WordPress 2.8 “Baker” Features

wordpress 2.8 new featuresWordPress 2.8 packs has several features including theme browser and installer which is much more customizations to the admin dashboard, a better widgets API among other things.

The latest and greatest version of WordPress, version 2.8 represents a nice fit and finish release for WordPress with improvements to themes, widgets, taxonomies, and overall speed. They also fixed over 790 bugs.

WordPress 2.8 “Baker” Features:

* You can browse the entire theme directory and install a theme with one click from the comfort of your WordPress dashboard.

* The new CodePress editor which gives syntax highlighting to the previously-plain editor.

* The complete redesigned widgets interface

* The new Screen Options on every page.

WordPress 2.8 “Baker” is much faster to use.

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Google Webmaster Tools New Design

New Design For Google Webmaster Tools:


It has been a while since the interface was updated. Now Google released a new version of their webmaster tools, which has some good features and better visualization.

I have been using webmaster tools from the very beginning and I consider myself an advanced user. so, I can able to use this updated webmaster tools without any help items. One big enhancement is that the message indicator follows you around in the top right corner of each page, which is really helpful. As well as the internal links and links to your site reports.  I can also  see a report showing sites that you link to. This would be really helpful in determining if your site has been hacked or and help monitor outgoing to links if you have a site with multiple contributors or authors.

There are some nice things about it..

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